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Classic Psychoanalysis: feared by modern psychologists
The name of Sigmund Freud has a layer of dust on it. Many consider him now a ghost of the past, to be disregarded as unimportant. However, the truth is that his contributions to psychology are enormous. Though we can argue about the validity of many of his claims, the point is that he seriously studied the relationship between people their sexuality and their psychological problems. The role of sexuality in people’s lives is not to be underestimated.

Freud was a proud Jew and his studies are a valuable contribution to mankind. Jewish people should be proud of that one more -among many– valuable scientific contribution. The reason why so many psychologists dismiss him, is because he fought against abnormal sexual behavior, and in universities these days, in the faculties of psychology, abnormal sexuality is applauded.

Classic psychoanalysis considers abnormal sexual behavior to be a regression to childhood phases. For example: an obsession with oral sex is linked to the earliest childhood phase: the oral phase, when a child is between 0-2 years old. The child is willing to put everything in its mouth, to study if it’s edible, enjoying (in a pre-sexual manner) the feeling of mouth and object. When one is stuck in this childhood phase mentally, this could ultimately lead to such abnormalities as cannibalism.

Then there is the obsession with anal sex, or destroying things, or materialism: this canbe explained by seeing the regression to the second childhood phase: anal-sadistic materialistic phase, when a child like to throw with toys (aggression) and discovers that feces are not part of the body, but do come out of the body. Most children experience this phase between 2-4 years of age.

Then there is the oedipal phase, which is very complex, but can be summarized as following: a person who is stuck mentality in this period wants to make love to his parent of the opposite sex and murder the parent of the same sex (a competitor). People who get stuck in this childhood phase, which children go through between the age 4-12 can be very dangerous.

If you have the feeling that you suffer somehow from a neurotic behavior, or have somedark thoughts bothering you, it’s advised to discuss these matters with a psychologist; BUT you will have so much difficulty to find one who is both studied in the classical form of it as well as being able to give you solid old school life wisdom.. that I can actually advise you more to just talk to a trusted elderly person. You can, if you have the time, combine this with studying the books of Freud. It’s a pleasant read anyway, and it gives you ideas about life you probably would never have if you try to figure out everything on your own.

What more can be sad? Of course Freud was also an atheist, and when you believe in the Lord and study the Bible, you can also find ways to deal with all sorts of obstacles in your life, especially psychological ones. But one way to a happy life doesn‘t exclude another way, and it could be helpful to learn about other roads, so you can help people around you, who haven’t found the healing power of faith.

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