The end of fundamental islamists

The attack on the Muslim brothers HQ in Cairo Egypt by the hands of Egyptian moderate Muslims, angered by the lack of freedom imposed in the last year by the radicals, signs the beginning of the end for radical terrorists.
Turkey will also follow, and later on even Iran will fall in a civil conflict that will wipe out all radical clergy.
Remember who told you first.
Pass it on. ….. And if you can give a little push by lifting up the best values of our Judeo-Christian tradition. God Bless.

L ‘ inizio della fine dei fratelli musulmani. La loro sede al Cairo attaccata da manifestanti, i prossimi in Turchia. Ricordatevi chi l ha detto per primo. Passa parola. E’ ora di andare all attacco anche in Italia e ripristinare il meglio Della tradizione Giudeo-Cristiana.


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