Nicole Kidman Says: Trump Is The Best President In U.S History, We Must Respect Him. Do you Support Her?

While abundant of Hollywood has spent its political basic in the weeks back the acclamation lambasting President-elect Donald Trump and abject over approachable Admiral Barack Obama, extra Nicole Kidman has taken a altered — and absolutely abrupt — tack.

During an account this anniversary with BBC News, the “Lion” star, who acclaimed that she tries to beacon bright of authoritative political statements, said it’s just time to move on and get on board.

“I just say he’s now elected,” Kidman, an Australian built-in with bifold citizenship in the U.S., told BBC. “We as a country charge to abutment whosever the president, because that’s what the country’s based on. And about that happened, he’s there and let’s go.”

Instead of belief in on a accurate candidate, like her Tinseltown neighbors are decumbent to do, the Academy Award champ said she cares abundant added about specific issues, not accurate people.

“I’m consistently bashful to alpha commenting politically. I’ve never done it in agreement of America or Australia. I’m issue-based,” Kidman said. “[F]or me, I’m actual committed to women’s issues.”

Kidman is aswell a amicableness agent for United Nations Women. “I do a lot of fundraising for U.N. Women, and I do a lot of traveling for them,” she told the account outlet.

“I aswell do an astronomic bulk of fundraising for breast and ovarian cancer, because that’s something that’s afflicted my ancestors deeply,” she continued. “So they’re my issues that I’m actual absorbed to.”

As for Australian politics, her home country has been affected in a action over legalizing gay marriage. During the sit-down with BBC, Kidman said she supports the amends of gay alliance in her home country, cogent the reporter, “I accept in acceptance humans who adulation anniversary added to allotment their lives together.” “I absolutely accept that we should break out of people’s business with that,” she added. “I adulation if humans adulation anniversary other.”

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