George Guido Lombardi

George Lombardi is a dedicated American citizen, who proudly carries his Italian heritage and his love for what makes the United States the greatest nation in the world. Mr. Lombardi has advised political campaigns in the U.S.A. and in Europe, and has been a high level adviser to business & political organizations.

George Guido Lombardi has made a career in business, politics, and writing about economics both in the United States and Italy.

George Lombardi, a former executive director of the International Council for Economic Development, brings over 30 years of business, political, and academic experience to his clients.  As an author, his first book, “Liberta’ e Progresso Economico” (Freedom and Economic Progress) was critically acclaimed by Italian academics and political leaders, including former PM Silvio Berlusconi. During a special presentation of his book, Lombardi was received by His Holiness Pope John Paul II.   His follow up work “The Value Matrix,” earned him high praise from American business leaders such as Donald J. Trump (and Presidential Candidate), former Ambassador Max Rabb, and Daniel Abraham (former owner of Slim-Fast).

More recently, Lombardi has taken on the role of Executive Director of the North Atlantic League, which promotes positive foreign relations between Italy, Israel, and the United States.  In addition, he has become one of the leaders of Tea Party of Italy, which has brought the values of small government and more personal freedom to Europe.  Lombardi is a member of the the Institute for Global Ethics, a professional member of the World Future Society, and sits on several boards for his philanthropic, academic, and political endeavors.

Currently, Mr. Lombardi spends his time pursuing the academic, philanthropic, and political causes that he feels will change the world for the better.  He is now available for media interviews and speeches to business & political groups in the United States.

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